Meet Coco & Om


Yes, we like how they look.
Strong and intentional.
The F E N C E S we imagine are purposeful and personal.

What does your FENCE mean?

“My F E N C E is where you get to know me…and where I get to know you.” 

“My F E N C E gate is what I open to go out into the world.” 

“My F E N C E reminds me that it’s okay to set a boundary.”

“My F E N C E pushes me to be decisive, to not be ‘on the fence’...pun intended.” 

“My F E N C E is where I ‘hop the fence’…take a risk…challenge myself."

"My F E N C E  is where I welcome you into my world."


Coco & Om was co-founded in 2017 by sisters Cydney Bernard and Amy Kanter.

 Their first collection, F E N C E S, draws its inspiration from an early foray by Cydney into the world of metal casting.  Revisiting and reminiscing over her original silver, picket fence belt buckle, the idea for something new was born.  Strong and intentional.  The F E N C E S imagined by Coco & Om are purposeful and personal.  Now you can make them yours. 

 “We grew up surrounded by jewelry-loving women.  It’s not a stretch to find us here making these pieces—it may have taken a while but it was probably somewhere on our map before we even knew it.  But, why fences?  Quite possibly because our childhood and adult lives have taken us many places, we were both drawn to create something that we found to be familiar and universal yet unique at the same time. Country fences. City fences.  Form.  Function.  We like to think that we’ve taken the architectural and made it whimsical. Who says you can’t wear one?” 


                                                                                                                         Coco(Cyd) and Om (Amy—O’s Mom)