Caring for your Coco & Om

As with all fine jewelry, your Coco & Om should be treated with care. Natural wear and tear will occur over time — please see our recommendations for keeping your jewelry in good condition:

•Remove jewelry when working with household chemicals or cleaning fluid, and before entering chlorinated pools or spas (chemicals can cause color or structural reactions to occur in the metal)

•Put jewelry on after applying lotions, perfumes, cosmetics and hairspray.

•Dirt removal and treating tarnished gold/silver: Jewelers Rouge polishing cloth.

•Cleaning diamonds: White vinegar is a suggested at home cleaner.

•Cleaning enamel: Enamel is best kept shiny with a microfiber cloth and lukewarm water.

•Drying: Always dry jewelry with a soft cloth after cleaning.

•Storing: We suggest storing enamel jewelry in tissue paper or soft cloth (our Coco & Om bag is also ideal!)

•It may sound obvious, but try to avoid dropping enamel jewelry on hard surfaces. Should you chip an enamel piece, please contact us at for a repair quote. We will be happy to have our expert enamel craftsman restore your item.

•Slip-knot cords: Please contact us should your adjustable slip-knot cord wear out and need replacing.

Lastly, a note on clothing care: Coco & Om reminds you to be careful when putting on or taking off your fine laces and knits to avoid any pulls or snags.