Meet Coco & Om

Founded by sisters Cyd and Amy, Coco & Om is a fine jewelry line designed and handcrafted in Downtown Los Angeles. 

"We grew up surrounded by jewelry-loving women. It’s not surprising we'd find ourselves designing jewelry at this point in our was probably somewhere on our map before we even knew it." -Amy

Perhaps unusual compared to the dainty forms typically found in fine jewelry, Coco & Om draws its inspiration from metal casting. Cyd once took a class on a whim — the course would end and Cyd would walk away with a most treasured relic: a sterling silver picket fence belt buckle. She hadn’t known it then, but that fence shaped buckle would open up a world of possibilities decades down the line. In 2017, the idea for a fence inspired jewelry line was born.

Why Fences? They’re strong and sculptural, personal and playful. Jewelry shouldn't feel too serious after all.

"We were both drawn to the idea of creating something that would feel familiar and universal yet unique at the same time. We like to think that we’ve taken the architectural and made it whimsical." -Cyd